Am I Dreaming?

Looking Into Dreams

So i want to base my project film around dreams…not sure in going to that yet. But Im really interested in this subject that has been underrated for such a long time. I personally see a lot of meaning in dreams, and absolutely love how our sub conscious works so hard at creating vivid and intricate visual details in our minds.

Maybe il do a few brief descriptions of the dreams I have in the coming weeks to keep me inspired :)  

In The Beginning!..the student made moodboards…

Some visuals I started looking at under the theme of Parallel Universes.

Hopefully this blog could help some of you with your research skills as well…all in due time

Final Major Project

So Im a couple of weeks behind, but as you know I will be updating my project journey through the year. As I have already started im just going to catch you guys up on what Ive been think so far!


Parallel Universes! I started off thinking I could do this awesome cool, badass, animation, film, documentary, deep as fuck, brilliant piece of work anyone has ever seen in the history of art…then after having a quick word with my self i decided to maybe re think my life decisions and tone down the potential work load.

Where I am so far

well as a film maker I want to explore varies ways of depicting a subject that means something…and as a pretty deep thinker I have come to the conclusion that doing a project on dreams should satisfy my creative urges…

Hello Everyone!

So hello world! I would give you a not so brief insight into the history of me, BUT im gonna get straight to the point and say this is the very first post of my last year at University for the Creative Arts Epsom (can i get a hell yeh!).

So I am studying Fashion Promotion and Imaging BA Hons in the hopes of becoming the most greatest [Insert Career Goal Here]. Im in my third year so Im going to be coming at ya with the ins and outs of what this hellish stage of life is like, and also be available for any guidance for those who maybe thinking of studying in he near future! 

don’t worry guys its not too bad..soo without further or due lets start off with my final major project!